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Secure Texting Service in Texas

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The Better Business Communication Option

As a business owner, every decision you make is for your company and your clients. We know that puts a lot of pressure on you, and that’s why we’ve created a system to take some of that weight off your shoulders. Our answering services allow you to delegate some of your responsibilities to our expert team. We respond to phone calls, emails and even text messages for your business, allowing you to be more productive and successful.

Encrypted Messages

Encrypted information keeps confidential information safe. At Kim’s Answering Service, Inc., we work with miSecure Messages to allow you to send and receive secure text messages from co-workers and other teams. All of these messages are encrypted, helping protect them from hackers or viruses.

Increased Productivity

Send and receive files, send a message as high priority and complete tasks from your phone. Using miSecure Messages allows you to enjoy all the benefits of email on a productive, easy-to-use interface. Call Kim’s Answering Service, Inc. to increase workplace communication and start saving time today.

Extra Security Measures

Keep messages containing sensitive information secure. Unique passcodes and remote disabling options keep your messages safe from unauthorized eyes. Plus, because messages aren’t stored on your device, losing your phone won’t allow strangers to access sensitive information. Call today for more information.

Stay Connected

Now you can send messages faster than ever and stay connected with your clients and employees. Using miSecure Messages allows groups and individuals to easily connect and communicate, increasing efficiency and reducing errors in communication. Choose the easiest way to promote team reliability and productivity. Contact Kim’s Answering Service, Inc. today to find out more information and to begin your secure-messaging experience.
At Kim’s Answering Service, Inc., we’ve been providing Texas with excellent communication and customer care for over 30 years. Come find out why your neighbors trust us to handle communication with their clients.